ATV rider missing after falling into surging creek (Tennessee)

Discussion in 'General ATV News' started by zzz, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. zzz

    zzz Guest

    oh ok....thanks....The Lord was truly with him today :nod:
  2. mudmaniac

    mudmaniac Mud diggin

    yes he was
  3. ridermark

    ridermark mud luver

    It's sometimes amazin that the power of prayer and good thoughts do help in times like this. Mudmaniac please let his family know that the bluegrass state is glad to hear he's okie dokie
  4. mudmaniac

    mudmaniac Mud diggin

    will do
  5. Ccrane

    Ccrane Beer Wagon Driver Staff Member

    Good to hear.
  6. Bootlegger

    Bootlegger Bootlegger Performance

    Just found out there was another accident like that as well....This one was a RZR...he was ok....but they had to go back this morning and get his SxS. It was in the creek all night long...I have rode there for years....if you all have ever been there it was somewhere around trail 9,11,12.
  7. zzz

    zzz Guest

    A special thank you to "mudmaniac" for keeping us updated on Chad
    If you're interested, here's the news version of "found safe"

    Article Reference: Missing ATV rider found safe

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