BMX (Chinese) 500cc UTVs

Discussion in 'UTV Forum' started by larrydaytona@ho, May 5, 2009.

  1. Moo Shu

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    Specific to 2009 BMX UTV 500, the answer is; 3/4" SAE deep well or 19mm Metric deep well. Other years, other models, maybe same, maybe not. This one cannot see why they would change.

    Visdon production methods sometimes,....inscrutable.

    Moo Shu
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  2. Tam 3

    Tam 3 New Member

    Thank you!

    My machine was made in Dec., 2009 and delivered to me the following April.


    Tam 3
  3. Moo Shu

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    Have had some time of late to do some work on my machine. It's a 2009 BMX UTV 500, two seater bought used, no reliable work records available. I have looked at some previous postings and taken note of problems that others have had.

    I picked three to work on, overheating, fuel/air/spark problems and poor quality rubber parts used.

    Flushed the system and replaced with GM Dex-Cool. Lower engine temp was noticed when work was done.

    Replaced the spark plug, suspect it was the original. Disappointed that this Mikuni carb seems to have no fuel/air mixture screw just an idle adjustment. Had been having starting/running problems when hot. Problem somewhat improved.

    Replaced the i/o fuel lines, tank/carb, clamps too. Lines were stiff and thin. Not much life left in them. Checked my intake and exhaust flex tubes on the belt drive housing. Both were dry rotted and split. Replaced without too much trouble.

    Next project; I have a seeping main fluid seal on the input shaft of the front diff. Dealer says he does not carry part. Gave me a phone number, got the, "voice mailbox full" message. Never a good sign. Anybody have a recco for a source for this seal?

    Anyway, the wife and I are enjoying this ride. We are out most weekend mornings while the desert is not too hot and the monsoons allow.

    Moo Shu
  4. Ccrane

    Ccrane Beer Wagon Driver Staff Member

    I'm afraid my knowledge of these particular machines is limited to what I've learned from this thread... however, my personal experience with atv carbs might be of assistance. On my Kawasaki (when I was doing a performance upgrade) I learned that some modern ATV carbs have new EPA requirements to cover the air/fuel mixture screw with a thin aluminum plug... to prevent tampering so as not to render the machine non epa/carb compliant.

    You'd have to look up the specific model number of your carb... but I'd be willing to bet that there may be a plug keeping you from getting to your adjustment screw... the remedy for this was to drill a small hole in the plug (carefully not to go too far and damage the screw) and pry it out.

    DON'T do this until you see if this applies to your particular carb... but hopefully it does and it will give you the freedom to adjust as you should have been able to from the start.

    Let us know.
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  5. Moo Shu

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    Thanks for the info Ccrane. I have heard similar in the past 'cept it had to do with lil' plastic caps on the adjustments for some other type of machine. Same purpose, keep the owner's fingers out, keep the emissions down. Maybe it was a road bike some years ago.

    Re: this BMX thread some time ago some other owners were going on about re-jetting the carbs. A couple of guys went back n' forth trying different sets of jets 'caus they were having p poor experience when operating at higher altitudes.

    My son re-jetted a mid 80's Honda Oddessy, (sp?) of his a little ways back. Really improved the performance in that quirky little 2 stroke engine. He likes the go-fast stuff, 4 point harness w/crotch control, full face and tie downs for your arms so's they do'nt rag-doll out of the roll cage while you're pin wheeling through the air prior to touch down. He's out of it for the summer, machine runs too hot in the AZ heat, it's a cool weather toy.

    Anyway, those guys with the BMX carb jet kits, Im not sure if they ever got to the bottom of their problem. Reading the posts they were into their own little experiments. Here I'm barely 1000' ASL so I'm not going in that direction. I may break down and take it to the shop. Next door to my work is a big place that services all types of ATV's, can't beat that for pushin' the "Easy" button. They are the same guys who re-built and tweaked the engine for that Honda I mentioned above.

    Moo Shu
  6. TXTee

    TXTee Where's the trail?

  7. Ccrane

    Ccrane Beer Wagon Driver Staff Member

    But Roxanne isn't! LOL
  8. TXTee

    TXTee Where's the trail?

    My friend and I are thinking about modifying the passenger side harness for her LOL
  9. Moo Shu

    Moo Shu New Member

    Oh MAN! You youngsters gimme hives!

    Hey TXTee is that your RZR in the pic?

    Sonny's got his eye on that RZR 800 S, or somthing like it, orange and white, I think. Is it a good machine, whay say you?

    Moo Shu
  10. Ccrane

    Ccrane Beer Wagon Driver Staff Member

    With WHAT? A giant hampster wheel so she's always upright while you're doing flips????

    I can just see that RZR going inverted, Roxanne's freaked out... but she's still upright thanks to Chuck's brilliant hampster wheel idea.... And when it's all done Tee is alive... but covered in dog food.... ROFL
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  11. TXTee

    TXTee Where's the trail?

    Yes, that's my crappy RZR. needed to get tuned and I haven't ridden it since but my bud said it RIPS more hesitation or lack of power. Your son will love it. I don't know anyone that hates the RZR and the S has a much better ride/stability from what I've seen in forums. Orange Madness is probably the model he's looking at. They are capable machines - just check out YouTube videos. They love them out west in the desert. I'm not too sold on the quality of Polaris but don't think you can really go wrong with getting one. Just know that repairs are inevitable and will be pricy, especially because a lot of the parts must be ordered directly from Polaris.

    Not much frightens that pup! She'll be aiight! But I do like the wheel idea....keep her occupied cuz she likes to fall asleep in my lap as loud as that thing is. I'll make mental note no food 8 hours before big ride planned.
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  12. Moo Shu

    Moo Shu New Member

    Thanks for the info TXTee.

    We have seen a few postings on YTube. Really like that one about the go-go shop owner who entered one stock style in that desert race and "almost" won except for forgetting to put the slime in.

    I have zeeero experience with Polaris ATV's, but when I lived in the great white north-east and used to sno-mo the Polaris's were well thought of and seemed the least likely to break down.

    Re: the parts $$$, sonny's keeping two vintage Range Rovers running, I guess he'll just have to sell one for that RZR!

    Thanks again for the info. Happy Trails!

    Moo Shu
  13. RoketaSooner

    RoketaSooner New Member

    Been awhile since I've been on. A couple of mods to note. I ordered the itpss108 all trail wheel tire kit from Yamaha thinking they were direct bolt ons after reading on here the bmx machines were 4x110mm -wrong stupid me for not checking. The 2011 4 sweater at least is 114.3. So I ordered adapters now which was extra but easier and less costly than a retun/etc. 2ndly I installed the universal ez-steer electric power steering from Took some work/mod as they don't have a premade bolt in kit for our machines like the popular brands but well worth. Can steer with one hand very easily and wife likes it much better. Wasn't too bad to put in just took out dash and steering wheel and had to shorten steering linkage. Will try to post some pics if anyone interested.
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  14. Ccrane

    Ccrane Beer Wagon Driver Staff Member

    Please do, that would be an interesting install!
  15. Roketa Kurt

    Roketa Kurt Member

    Hey RoketaSooner, have you had any problems with water geeting in the horn? It's been raining every day in Florida and I mean heavy rain so my 5 year old is now hooked on mud bogging after we have supper. I would take him down the roads and the puddles have been about 6 to 8 inches deep, but when your going 30 mph it tends to come over the top and into your face. What fun and the laughing my son is doing is addictive. GOTTA HAVE MORE! :) Back to the question at hand, the horn is full with water and was wondering if you had this problem and if you were able to fix it? Since we have the same machines you seem like the go to person. :) Thanks.
  16. TXTee

    TXTee Where's the trail?

    RAIN? WOW, I need to go to these parts.
  17. RoketaSooner

    RoketaSooner New Member

    TX - I know what you mean. I grew up in OK and lived in the Dallas area for 10 years. I've been N of ATL, GA now 2 summers and I've never seen so much rain in Jul/Aug. Things are still green in these parts which is kinda nice althogh there are still things about back home I miss.

    Kurt I'm afraid I am not much help on the horn. Perhaps one option would be to remount it and turn it so its not prone to collecting water?

    I will snap some pics of the power steering install along with the instructions from and post over the weekend.

  18. drod363

    drod363 New Member

    Hey guys, been following this thread finally have time to reply. During hunting season because of the cold sometimes muddy season down here in Va, I put a 1 quart freezer bag over the horn and tie with a zip tie as best I can. It muffles the sound a little, but you can still here it, and it keeps the mud, water, and ice from getting to it. This works for me. drod363
  19. Tam 3

    Tam 3 New Member

    Good morning:

    Has anyone an issue with the OE tires and their reccommended pressures of 21 and 28 pounds, front and rear, respectively? My left rear blew after 582 miles of mild driving, much on asphalt, and I noticed that the reccommended pressure of the new ones is only 7 pounds! The lower end seems common for this class of vehicle.


    Tam 3
  20. Roberd42

    Roberd42 New Member

    Ok guys, bought me a 2011 four seat XY Powersports 500cc model. I think my fuel pump has killed itself. Broke off my fuel cap first day in the woods, put one from pep boys on there that says pressure only but looked the same without the lock. Of course got some water in the fuel with all this rain in SC. Worked that out and it cleared up and ran fine for 20 or so miles. Now it won't start without choke and then idles but dies when you press the gas. Think it's the fuel pump? Also mines a plastic vacuum pump. I read others have electric. Maybe I should swap?

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