electric start works fine, but will only start by recoil

Discussion in 'ATV Technical Questions' started by Jondesens, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Jondesens

    Jondesens New Member

    I have a 97 polaris xplorer 500 and the engine will not start with the electric start. the starter works fine, and I get spark, but it will not fire with the start switch. just for giggles I tried the recoil and bam starts up first pull. I don't get it. does anyone have a clue?
  2. Cody Coyote

    Cody Coyote Who's your daddy?!?!?!

    :headscratch: Thats a new one on me, let me do a little research and I will get back with you.
  3. Scribner

    Scribner New Member

    I have seen this problem before but never have really found out what was causing it.The replies I have seen had something to do with when trying to use the starter,the bike was going to ground somewhere.I really have no clue to even begin to tell you where to start looking at though
  4. Cody Coyote

    Cody Coyote Who's your daddy?!?!?!

    Wait a minute!!! :foreheadslap: I think the problem lies in the ON/OFF Switch. On those year model polaris' you have to push up on the ON/OFF SWITCH TO START IT. Try taking that controller apart and see if you are grounding out somewhere, or you may think about replacing it.
  5. Jondesens

    Jondesens New Member

    lr-83 hub sensor

    i did some research. My start switch is seperate from my off/run switch. it's not like the other polaris models, my brother has one set up like that. i bought the quad about a month ago, and it had a dead battery. i took the battery out and put it on a charger. in the meantime i pullstarted it and it ran but I couldn't rev it high. when I noticed this, i also notice that when i revved at all the neutral light got real bright and burned out. I shut it off and read the manual. of course it says NEVER run the machine without the battery because "sensitive" electrical components may become damage, as well as lamps. I discovered that the sensitive component is a module called the lr-83 hub sensor, It controls many things including voltage regulation. it costs between $80-100 bucks. By following the schematic it seems as though this may solve the problem. What led me to the conclusion is on different days the machine has different problems, sometimes it quits running when I put it in reverse, but if i push the reverse overide button, it stays running. This is controlled by the lr-83 module. I'm hoping that this is the solution, I'll update you when I replace it.

    PAUL SUDWEEKS New Member

    explorer problem starting

    the black box called the rev limiter is damaged by not having a battery in while running. I had the same problem. replace the rev limiter (for the reverse) in the front of the bike and it will work fine. The manuel will give you the test prpcedure to be sure. let me know I have one that I no longer need would make you a great deal (Paulsuds@msn.com)
  7. Bigdog800EFI

    Bigdog800EFI Junior Member

    I would bet on a weak battery. It has enough juice to spin the starter but there is nothing left for the rest of the machine. Try putting a set of jumper cables on it and see if that helps. If it starts with the jumper cables it is a battery problem.

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