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Discussion in 'UTV Forum' started by goodiemob, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. goodiemob

    goodiemob Engage Killswitch

    Been a member here for awhile now, figured I would finaly contribute. Bought a used 08 Qlink Frontrunner 500 in december with 300 miles on it. Since then I added a 2" CFM lift kit, ITP ss wheels w/ 25" zillas, fixed a few minor things here and the and now Im out on the trails. The thing goes awesome on the trails and is a little quicker than I thought it would be.
    I plan on looking into snorkling it just for insurance and maybe adding som aux lighting. Other than that I plan on riding the shit out of it and see if it will survive the test of time. Anyone have any info on the Frontrunner that could help me out let me know. Thanks...
  2. Ccrane

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    Welcome to Mudbog.net!

    Let us know how it holds up.
  3. goodiemob

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    My failure of the day..

  4. bamajeepjunkie

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    Does it have a carb? Does anyone make a jet kit if so? Does it have stock cvt snorkels? That would be where I started and getting all the vent lines up high.
  5. 50blues

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    ouch, how did you do that?
  6. goodiemob

    goodiemob Engage Killswitch

    Yeah theres jet kits out there. There's stock snorkles but they're not that high. Biggest question I have is the jet size, how many should I go up?
  7. bamajeepjunkie

    bamajeepjunkie Super Moderator Staff Member

    It really depends on the snorkel design, if no mods other than the snorkel you might have to go down a size or up one.
  8. mudrider

    mudrider New Member

    These are actually some pretty great machines, my uncle has one and it has been through some much crap its not funny. I have also herd from other people that they are almost the same as a 660 rhino.

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