Suzuki Vinson clutch slippage

Discussion in 'ATV Technical Questions' started by Boulder Ed, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Boulder Ed

    Boulder Ed New Member

    My 03 Suzuki 500 automatic with 1600 miles, including a lot of snow plowing now has a clutch slip problem at about 28mph. Its only done it in high range so far. I'm a good motorcycle mechanic , but have no knowledge on ATV clutchs. Any ideas? Is there a belt to tighten somewhere, that I should have done during periodic maintenance?

  2. Boulder Ed

    Boulder Ed New Member

    Has anyone ever has a clutch slip on an automatic atv? Maybe a generic answer is all I need.

    thx, ed
  3. Bootlegger

    Bootlegger Bootlegger Performance

    I work at a Suzuki & Kawasaki Dealer. I'll ask the Mechanic today and post back tomorrow.

    I thought maybe the belt....but not sure if its only doing it a 28 mph

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